Hi there! I'm Jennifer Krantz, a visual artist who owns Jennifer Krantz Photography in Pecatonica, Illinois. 

My background is in large scale abstract painting with a Master’s of Fine Arts degree from the University of Chicago.  However, once I graduated from U of C, I found myself slaving away in my basement painting by myself for hours on end.  I was kind of miserable and I missed connecting with people.

During my graduate studies I learned to shoot with film and develop in the darkroom. I have always admired photography as an artistic medium, but it wasn't until my son Zane was born that I really wanted to incorporate photography into my life and art.

Photography has given me so much.  I can create art surrounded by a team of creative people like me.  I also get to work with the most fantastic clients who I find to be the most beautiful people both inside and out! 

Since the start of my business, I have been able to regularly work with Modeling and Talent agencies like Ford, Lily's Talent, MP Factor, Modelogic, BMG, Wilhelmina, and more... My clients have booked with awesome companies like Nike, McDonalds, American Girl, Meyers, and Crate and Barrel.  

Most importantly I am a Mom to my six year old son, Zane, who is my muse and greatest inspiration and a wife to my husband Matthew of 21 years. :))))

For more information on my work, to get in touch regarding scheduling a session with me, or to just say hello, feel free to contact me at info@jenniferkrantz.com or 815.988.4680. 

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